Skiing In Portillo

The last two weeks of skiing have been awesome! Although its a low snow year the conditions have been great, freeze-thaw cycles meant for some really firm snow and bluebird days made the deal that much sweeter. When its all said and done we will have skied 14 days in a row and covered all disciplines.

Brod and Patrick
The Usain Bolt of Slalom
Roger getting a sun tan in 5 minutes at 3000m
Volleyball is essential to recovery at altitude!
Early mornings pay off! Snapped this as I was heading out the door.

After this camp I will be back in Revelstoke for the month of October training and attending classes. I look forward to continuing down the road of progression in Sun Peaks in November.

I would also like to thank Blair and Julius from Atomic for getting me skis for this trip and Laura from Arc’teryx, Thanks everyone!

All for now,


4 thoughts on “Skiing In Portillo

      1. Ah yeah for sure! do you film any of your skiing at all on a GoPro or anything? I also like that photo of the early morning. Can’t wait to get out of London and into the Alps! 2 months will drag!

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