And so it begins.

Ski season has officially started! But not without some lab testing.

On November 5th we had our pre-season fitness test, I was a little less than happy with my results thinking that I would improve my bike test. However, after over a month off the bike my legs didn’t fare to well. But thats okay, it will keep me on my toes and motivates me to ride my bike during the winter; crazy right?

The next day we hit the slopes of Nakiska. The plan was to ski three days and then take the weekend off and head to Sun Peaks for a week of training. Due to some last minute “uber top secret” races being scheduled in the states Coach Dykster took off with half of the team and the rest of us stayed in Calgary with the Carry’s.

After a really productive 3 days of skiing the call was made to stay in Calgary instead of going to Sun Peaks because they hadn’t made any snow yet and conditions were promising in Nakiska for the following week.

I am happy with my progress over the last couple days and am looking forward to keeping the ball rolling over the next week.

Look for some pictures and maybe even a little edit of some ski videos over the next week!


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