Been way too long!

Where does the time go? Seriously, it feels as though just yesterday I was posting on this blog about Chile but that was already two months ago now. Let me bring you up to speed with what has happened since then.

The month of October was full of daily gym workouts and catching up in school. It rained all of October and November which was a little bit depressing and I didn’t get to ride my bike nearly as much as I would have liked to. However ski season started soon enough and the thoughts of biking quickly¬†dissipated.

The last time I wrote about skiing I was in fact, not skiing very well. My confidence was low and I was getting frustrated about my inability to perform. Most athletes go through a phase similar to this at one point or another and mine happened to be while I was trying out for the BC Team. However, hard work pays off and my slump turned right around once we hit the slopes of Nakiska. Whatever it was that sparked my progression I’m glad that it happened when it did because I now have a solid platform to build from.

To get you all up to speed, I skied for two weeks in November took some time off with a meniscus inflammation and have now been skiing since the beginning of December. I had my first race with the BC Team in Norquay and had a decent result and plan on carrying that confidence into the Van Houtte Cup at the end of December.

The majority of December will be spent training and racing in Pano followed by Christmas spent in Revelstoke so look forward to an update from the last race series before Christmas!

Lastly here is a little video I threw together for a contest that a local store is putting on.



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