March to July…

Let me start off by saying that I may be one of the worlds worst bloggers. I am just realizing now that I haven’t posted on here in over four months. In my defence, the last four months have been crazy busy; Finishing up the ski season, graduating Highschool, and spending some quality time at home have all allowed me to take a break from the rigours of blogging. Just kidding, but in all seriousness I apologize for the inconsistency in the update of this blog and now being finished Highschool I hope to do a better job of posting what I’m up to.

So as a quick recap of what has happened since March here we go. I had a couple great races after sun peaks, then I had a big crash in Whistler which sidelined me for nationals. I attended spring series a week later and had my best results ever, a tenth, and two fifth place finishes in a deep field mean’t that I scored good points and cut my GS points in half from what they were at the beginning of the season ending with 32. Slalom went similarly and I finished my season with 37 points. After a great end to the season I had an MRI to see what was wrong with my knee, turns out I had a bone bruise on my tibial plateau and a partially torn ACL. Luckily I didn’t need any surgery just 12 weeks without impact and I could still do most of the workouts that our trainer, Andrew, gave us.

I spent the rest of spring finishing my classes, mountain biking and climbing. I had the time to do a couple local cross country bike races and entered the North Face Dirty Feet six hour Enduro with another local rider, Kellen Viznaugh. We fared well despite being the youngest in the race and ended up coming second overall. Being slightly restricted with my activities I also got back into climbing, like really into climbing. I went every chance I got which usually ended up being 2 or 3 times a week. Quickly getting back into the swing of things, I learned how to lead climb and began pushing myself pretty hard which made for a lot of fun. My dad took me on my first multi pitch climb and to say the least I am now addicted to climbing. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going throughout the summer and climb as much as possible. On top climbing and biking I graduated high school which was pretty cool I suppose. It will definitely be a big change not going to school in September and taking a year off to further pursue a career in Ski-Racing. I am excited about what the next year has to offer and plan on making the most of every opportunity!

I am currently in Mt. Hood for my first on snow camp since April so look for an update in the next week or so to see how things are going on the hill.


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