It’s Almost Here!

It’s been a little over a month since returning from Chile and I am getting eager to ski again! This past month has been great, visiting with friends and family, doing some yard work and of course working out. Nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary, but all things that I love to do!

I enjoy every minute that I get to spend at home because I know as soon as the snow flies I will be chasing early season conditions; perfecting my turns before the approaching race season. As excited as I am to start skiing again, leaving home is always tough for me. When I first get home from a trip, I generally have a couple goals or tasks that need to be completed for me to feel that I accomplished something. (Not sure why, but thats just how it is.) I like to be active and hate finding myself stagnant for too long.

My main goal for October was to climb as much and as long as possible. At some point this summer my climbing partner, and long time friend, Alex Duchesne and I dreamt up the idea to visit the “Skaha Bluffs” and decided October would be the best time for both of us. We had heard so much about Skaha and everyone we talked to said it was a must! Those people were right. Skaha blew our minds and lived up to every bit of hype. As we walked through the provincial park, every bluff we came to had at least Ten routes up it. We were slightly overwhelmed at first but settled into a rhythm and got a lot of climbing done. At the end of our three day trip we had climbed 27 routes and I had “sent/on-sighted” 25 of those. Despite camping in parking lots and undeveloped subdivisions it was a great trip and the highlight of my month off. On top of the Skaha trip I climbed an additional 10 days in Revelstoke which was great as usual.

Other than Climbing I had a couple projects around the house and yard that needed to be taken care of and I did a little bit of Hunting. My Gym schedule was as routine as it gets; nonetheless it was awesome to work out at home again and sleep in my own bed for more than a week!

Ski season is basically here and I’m headed to Sun Peaks for the final race prep before the real season begins!

All for now,


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